Monday, June 29, 2009

Muslims! Wake Up!

I suddenly remember about one of my writing. Supposedly, it’s for IPhA Gazette at that time before I resigned. What a waste to just keep it in the hard disk! Let’s ponder it: A reminder for me especially and to all of us!

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful. Alhamdulillah, peace be upon our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and those who follow him until the day of judgment.

I always remember my experience attending the first Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA) meeting for present tenure, in UM not long ago. Although it’s my first time having meeting with Chinese and Indian friends, it have really opened my mind about many things:

1) When our non-Muslim friends acknowledge our commitment during the NoGAPS especially the community service, we should be very grateful to Allah s.w.t. that we actually have portayed a good example of real Muslims. Efficient teamwork, management and politeness; all this is a form of dakwah to them. We always hear people complaining about the birocracy of religious department, then why don’t we start reforming the mindsetting of our people that religious institutions can do and should be even better than others. Praise to Allah, we have started the move!

2) In certain aspects of soft skills, I think that we are quite left behind compared to our counterparts in other institutions. Not try to be extravagant, but the way they talk and sharing opinions somehow shows that they are well versed with fu
ture profession and exposed with real challenges of society. They are not passive. Maybe the reason is that majority of us are of same ‘nich’. It influences the rest of the people who are in the same environment. For example, expressing ideas among crowd and asking questions is still ‘strange’ habit. So, let’s change!

Brothers and sisters,

A good Muslim is someone whom presence is sensed by the society. This reminds us to the message of our prophet Muhammad s.a.w. when he said that the best among Muslims is the one who give benefit to others. Of course, we cannot do everything, but don’t do nothing. At least, there must be something that we can contribute at the level of our capability. Eventhough it seems to be small before our eyes as well as others’, with good intention of serving the ummah, surely insya Allah, there will be reward from Allah s.w.t. People around us; family, friends, groups and institutions need us. For that reason, I would like to congratulate second year students and previous DnT (forgot already the date) for their recently organized programmes: A Moment with Anak-Anak Yatim Permata Camar and Community Service Masjid Sekilau. We really miss a generation of students who can play their role in doing ‘islah’ in our society. Some of the pictures in my collection:

My senior (just graduated) Bro Rizwan is explaining something to the visitors

My junior, Bro Aizuddin is giving away prizes to anak-anak Permata Camar

Future Muslims pharmacists,

In IPhA or whatever platforms, we have worked together for years and will continue to work not merely just for the sake of having programmes and to fulfill the almanac a.k.a programme-oriented, but the more important agenda is to prepare ourselves as a good professional Muslims who has responsibility to install Islamic generation, beginning with at least ourselves and our family. Who knows, although you do not hold any important position in organisation like IPhA, SRC, MRC and all sort of C (but not grade C in exam hopefully) but you still a member to all those clubs and societies. More important is the real society out there. Remember this: one will get blessings from Allah s.w.t. INSYA ALLAH only by sincere efforts and by following the traditions of prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Thank you everyone who commit yourselves towards the betterment of this ummah. (Rejab sudah tiba. Moga-moga bulan Ramadhan nanti dapat kita rasai dengan penuh keinsafan. Amin). Wassalam.

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